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When I came home for a break I started my bike and heard a ticking It was more of a constant rattling with the idle, nearer the engine as I went.

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So I noticed my R started making a ticking sound not long after I The ticking is in tune with the rpm of the engine, so gets faster as the revs go up. It's hardly noticeable at idle unless you stand right behind the exhaust.

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Get solutions for Yamaha YZF-R engine noise related issues from top Yamaha motorcycle experts. Rattling Engine noise in idling conditions also.

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SO basically ever since i've had my yammy there's been this ticking noise coming from the front Stationary, moving, engine off, only on idle?.

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I own a yamaha yzf r, and i have noticed that all of these bikes make a ticking and rattling noise coming from the engine when the revs are.

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A. Bike engines will make a variety of noises, hardly surprising with several hundred metal parts An erratic idle or a sense that the engine is 'hunting' could indicate a duff plug or the Why is my Yamaha Fazer making a tapping noise?.

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The sound disappears when i rev it just a little bit over idle. head gasket seal on a liquid cooled engine can cause the knocking noise you are describing.

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Hay Iv had my r for 2 month now and i was just wondering if any other sort of having the same problems sounds like a tapping noise, i know yr surposed rev for the first miles to bed the engine in maybe its that???.

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has the same engine as my xr which just crapped out due to a "ticking".. .. Rattling started first, during rattling idle way quit ok hasn't prominent to be notice.