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First Generation Handyscan 3D / Zscanner The Handyscan 3D/Zscanner scanner of 1st generation has been released in It was the very first device based on self-positioning handheld laser scanning technology to be marketed.

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Aug 1, The ZScannerā„¢ gives designers and engineers an entirely new way to capture 3D data with unprecedented speed, ease of use and.

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The ZScanner has all the capabilities of the ZScanner , including real- time surface generation, industry-leading ease of use and affordability.

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Apr 12, The ZScanner CX extends the ZScanner platform that in introduced unprecedented speed, ease-of-use and versatility to 3D.

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The ZScanner brings needed speed, ease-of-use and unprecedented versatility to 3D Scanning. Scan any object in the tightest spaces and do it in real- time.

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Feb 11, The ZScanner CX color scanner offers full-color scan-to-print when used in combination with Z Corporation's 3D printers, which have.